In Case of Emergency, Read This Blog

In Case Of Emergency, Read Blog

A Citizen’s Eye View of Public Preparedness

“What Should We Tell The Public?” — Video Series Archive

“What Should We Tell The Public?” is a video feature in which I ask leading people in the homeland security/emergency management/public health preparedness community for their tips, recommendations, and ideas on what they think it is important that citizens should know and do in order to increase their own, their community’s and their nation’s readiness.

If you have any suggestions on people to interview for this feature, or if you would like to submit a video of your own that I can post, please email me at

Randy Larsen (6/27/08), Institute For Homeland Security

Joe Becker (7/11/08), American Red Cross

Amanda Ripley (7/14/08), Author, “The Unthinkable”

Joe Becker (7/22/08), American Red Cross

Monica Schoch-Spana (7/25/08), University of Pittsburgh, Center For Biosecurity

John Walsh (7/26/08), “America’s Most Wanted”

Erin Streeter (7/29/08), Department of Homeland Security, Ready Campaign

Jan Lane (7/31/08) George Washington University, Homeland Security Policy Institute

Michael Sheehan (8/3/08), Author, “Crush The Cell”

Wendy Harman (8/12/08), American Red Cross

Barry Scanlon (8/19/08), James Watt Associates/Global Options

Mary Fetchet (9/11/08), “Voices of September 11th”

David Paulison (9/12/08), Administrator, FEMA

Wendy Harman (9/13/08), American Red Cross

Peter Gudaitis (9/14/08), New York Interfaith Disaster Services

Terry Bischoff (9/15/08), American Red Cross of Greater New York

Hilary Styron (9/16/08), National Organization On Disability’s Emergency Preparedness Initiative

Meri-K Appy (9/17/08), Home Safety Council

Jeff Levi (9/18/08), Trust For America’s Health

Greg Dworkin, (9/19/08), Flu Wiki

Ben Borgia (9/20/08), Victim Advocate For Bali Bombing Victims

Jerry Hauer (9/22/08), The Hauer Group

Lee Hamilton (9/24/08), “9/11 Commission”

Michael Chertoff (9/26/08), Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Grover (9/29/08), “Sesame Street”

Gail McGovern (10/6/08), President, American Red Cross

James Carafano (2/1/09), The Heritage Foundation

Pat McGinnis (2/11/09), Council For Excellence In Government

Jeanette Betancourt (2/20/09), Sesame Workshop

Stephen Kempf (3/7/09), FEMA

Jonathan Bing (4/5/09), New York State Assembly

Laura Belsey (4/11/09), Katrina’s Children

Bennie Thompson (5/10/09), U.S. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman

Joseph Bruno (7/8/09), New York City Office of Emergency Management Commissioner

Jeannette Sutton (7/20/09), Natural Hazards Center

Claire Rubin (8/5/09), Author/Citizen Corps Volunteer

Becky Marquis (9/01 /09), Ready Campaign

Mary Fetchet (9/11/09), Voices of September 11th

Lt. Erica Arteseros (10/10/09), San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)

Allison Cardona (10/11/09, ASPCA Disaster Services Director

Ben Smilowitz (10/25 /09), Disaster Accountability Project

Michael Chertoff (11/14/09), Former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary

John Gibb (11/21/09), New York State Emergency Management Director

John Shea, (11/30/09), FEMA New Media

Darryl Madden (8/31/10), Director, READY Program

Jack Holt (9/22/10), Senior Strategist for Emerging Media, Department of Defense


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