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May 13th, 2008 · 3 Comments

In recent posts, I have suggested a number of websites for readers interested in citizen preparedness. Today, I am happy to be able to recommend my first radio show, “Homeland Security Inside & Out“.

HLSI&O is produced out of KAMU-FM, the local NPR affiliate in College Station, Texas. It is hosted by Dave McIntyre, Director of the Integrative Center for Homeland Security at Texas A&M University, and Randy Larsen, Director of the Institute for Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. Larsen recently wrote an excellent book Our Own Worst Enemy.

As the show’s website describes, HLSI&O features interviews with “key leaders at the federal, state and local levels of government, plus senior leaders in the private sector, academic community and national press.”

I am a huge fan in part because every week I learn at least one thing that is very helpful to my work on public preparedness. For example, last week after hearing about the FBI’s new Citizens Academy that are being held in each of the Bureau’s 56 field offices for everyday Americans, I called the New York City FBI office and applied. A couple weeks before that, I had used some comments made on the show by Kip Hawley, the Transportation Security Administration head, in an interview I had with Hawley. In addition to the show’s utility to my work, I also find it lively, entertaining and well produced. Heck, I even enjoy the bridge music between segments.

On my iPod I have four regular podcasts I listen to every week: On The Media, Bill Simmons, The Sports Guy; Fresh Air, and Homeland Security Inside & Out. If you are interested in homeland security, I really recommend giving HLSI&O a listen. Don’t be surprised if you end up becoming a weekly listener either by iPod, web streaming or on your local NPR affiliate.

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    [...] As I have written before, I am a big fan of “Homeland Security Inside and Out” – which is hosted by Dave McIntyre and Randy Larsen from the studios of KAMU Radio in College Station, Texas — and I subscribe to its weekly iTunes feed. If you want to download the audio from the web site, the interview runs from 15:55 until 19:15 in this week’s show. [...]

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    [...] Previously, I’ve written about the weekly “Homeland Security Inside & Out” radio show hosted by Dave McIntyre and Randy Larsen. I subscribe to its podcast through iTunes and find that I learn at least one thing from the show each week that is helpful to my work on public preparedness. [...]

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