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Winners Of The ‘What Have You Done In Last Year To Prepare?’ Contest (And Their Entries) — Prize: “The Unthinkable” Book

June 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Last week’s The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes — And Why book contest asked: “What have you done in the last year to prepare yourself, your family, your workplace, your kids school or your community over last year?” Below are the winners with their entries; they will each receive a copy of the book’s new paperback edition.

Francine Geike/Morton, Illinois –

“My husband and I have stockpiled food, planted a heirloom seed garden-canning later, packed emergency kits for the vehicles, packed BOBs including items for our 22 mth and 3 yr old, planned escape routes if we need to leave our home, copied our financial papers, personal info, etc and gave it to relatives to hold in their safe, bought a water filter…continue to go over lists…”

Dominic Bonacci/Rocky River, Ohio —

“I had the texting feature disabled on my phone (since I was getting charged for “wrong number” texts — texts sent to me accidentally) but learning how text messaging may be the only form of communication that works in a disaster (because of it’s low bandwidth use) I had it turned on again.”

Blair Buchmeyer/St. Louis, Missouri –

“I have started to collect items for a 72 hour kit and a car emergency kit. Continued to practice on the gardening skills!”

Carlene Patterson/Irving, Texas —

“We do have a stock pile of food and a safe place for everyone to meet.”

Connie Hippen/Hulett, Wyoming —

“Because our home location is where extended family and good friends will travel to in a bug out situation, I know that I will need more preps than for just my family. I can’t do it all, so I have been educating my peeps via the internet info on preparedness and food storage. If they come, they can’t show up empty handed and I have made private lockers in my basement should they want to cache supplies. Also I have been burning up the ink on my printer to create a notebook on all kinds of info from canning, butchering, trapping, dental/first aid, you name it. Point is, should the lights go out, it wouldn’t do me much good to have all the wonderful survival info stored in my computer.”

Thank you for participating. Anyone who would like to purchase a copy of Amanda Ripley’s The Unthinkable can do so here.

The Unthinkable

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